Technical and economic benefits of 5G-MoNArch and description of testbeds

Two important deliverables of 5G-MoNArch have been completed and are now available from the website:

  • Technical and economic analysis – verification and validation of the benefits of 5G-MoNArch architecture and innovations. The technical verification is based on simulations provided by the technical WPs (WP2 architecture, WP3 resilience, reliability and security, and WP4 resource elasticity), measurements from the two testbeds in Hamburg and Turin, and a system simulation across a series of evaluation cases. The techno-economic analysis is based on the Hamburg study area and focuses on network cost reflecting 5G-MoNArch architecture and innovations, and opportunities for new revenue streams.
  • Description of the testbeds – the final report from WP5 provides a thorough description of the use cases implemented in the Smart Sea Port testbed in Hamburg and the Touristic City testbed in Turin, the implementation, setup and deployment of the two testbeds, and the results of the experimental evaluation.