A summary documents on the main results and achivements of 5G-MoNArch can be downloaded here.

The following list provides all public deliverables of the project and their corresponding download link.

No. Deliverable title Delivery Date
Work Package 2 – Overall architecture
D2.1 Baseline architecture based on 5G-PPP Phase 1 results and gap analysis M4 – Oct 2017
D2.2 Initial overall architecture and concepts for enabling innovations M12 – Jun 2018
D2.3 Final overall architecture M22 – Apr 2019
Work Package 3 – Resilience & security
D3.1 Initial resilience and security analysis M11 – May 2018
D3.2 Final resilience and security report M21 – Mar 2019
Work Package 4 – Resource elasticity
D4.1 Architecture and mechanisms for resource elasticity provisioning M11 – May 2018
D4.2 Final design and evaluation of resource elastic functions M21 – Mar 2019
Work Package 5 – Testbeds
D5.1 Testbed setup and 5G-MoNArch technologies demonstrated M14 – Aug 2018
D5.2 Final report on testbed activities and experimental evaluation M24 – Jun 2019
Work Package 6 – Verification & validation
D6.1 Documentation of requirements and KPIs and definition of suitable evaluation criteria M3 – Sep 2017
D6.2 Methodology for verification and validation of 5G-MoNArch architectural innovations M12 – Jun 2018
D6.3 Final report on architectural verification and validation M24 – Jun 2019
Work Package 7 – Dissemination, standardisation, exploitation
D7.1 First report on dissemination, standards, and exploitation plan M12 – Jun 2018
D7.2 Final report on dissemination, standards, and exploitation plan M24 – Jun 2019