5G-MoNArch @ ICT2018 Event in Vienna, Austria

Thanks a lot to all participants of the 5G-MoNArch ICT2018 networking session! We received very helpful comments and feedback as input to our project’s work on 5G network slicing evaluation. Interesting from the project’s point of view are in particular that major current pain points are in the capabilities (latency, throughput, availability) of current networks, but the goals for future networking solutions add flexibility and use case / application-specific network solutions on top.

The summary of the received feedback is available as a slide set here.

5G-MoNArch will spotlight the opportunities of 5G End-to-End network slicing in an interactive networking session for future connected businesses at the European ICT 2018 event in Vienna, Austria.

Please find more information about the networking session on the FLYER.

Further information is available from the ICT2018 website:  https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/events/cf/ict2018/item-display.cfm?id=22056