Deliverables D6.1 and D2.1

5G-MoNArch has released two deliverables (D6.1 and D2.1) in the second half of 2017.

This deliverable describes the criteria and requirements necessary to achieve a flexible, adaptable and programmable fully-fledged architecture for 5G mobile networks.  The architecture will incorporate the key enabling innovations (i.e., inter-slice control and cross-domain management; experiment-driven optimisation; and cloud-enable protocol stack) and the key functional innovations (i.e., resilience and security, and resource elasticity) of the 5G-MoNArch project.

This deliverable delineates a baseline architecture for the 5G-MoNArch project based on the consolidated view coming from the work of the relevant fora, consortia, SDOs (such as, 3GPP and ETSI), 5G PPP Phase 1 projects along with 5G PPP WGs. After defining this baseline architecture, all the 5G system gaps that need to be addressed by the innovations proposed by the project with a particular focus on E2E network slicing are identified.


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